Vijay – An Introduction

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Date: August 27, 2012

“Magnify your skills or modify your dreams” were my mentor’s words. I grew up with these words in my mind all the time: I always look for an opportunity to magnify my skills which will take me to the goal that I currently dream of.

Having passed as an average student from high school, I moved on to uni with lots of ambitious dreams. Physiotherapy is one of the fields in the healthcare profession which demands that a lot of logical thinking
must be incorporated with the patient’s history to find the actual source of problem and to thereby find the right treatment.

After completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, it was time to make some serious decisions in my life in order to step up. I had always wanted to be a Sports Physio and in order to do this
I wanted to study Sports Science to further this dream. New Zealand, being a strong sporting nation, appealed to me, so I moved here and completed a Graduate Diploma of Sports and Exercise Science at WINTEC Hamilton in 2010.

With the knowledge gained through studies and experience
I then needed a job giving me an opportunity to utilise the knowledge acquired in both my Physiotherapy and Sports Science studies.

Now I have my dream job, working as an Exercise Therapist at MedStrength, a specialised Strength Training Facility. This has given me a chance to consolidate prior knowledge while challenging me to learn more. Having learned very little about strength training in the past, this role at MedStrength has brought me new understanding about it and its importance.

In my next blogs I would like to share more thoughts about my learning curves both in MedStrength and my life.