Our Training Procedure

You do not require any previous experience in strength training to attend MedStrength. Our experienced exercise instructors provide the theory and practical instruction you require to strength train safely and effectively. Age is no barrier, provided you are over 1.5 metres tall.
Warm-ups are not necessary because exercises are performed in a slow controlled manner and your body warms up during the first few exercises.

First training session

Your first training session will be fully supervised by one of our experienced exercise instructors. You will be shown around the training facility and you will begin your introductory training programme. You will be introduced to the MedStrength training principles and strength training machines.

Second to fifth training sessions

Members continue with fully-supervised sessions in accordance with MedX training principles and methodology, during which you will learn how to set up the machines, exercise correctly and safely and advance your weights appropriately, following the scientific training principles. You will gradually learn to use the remaining machines as your programme is expanded.

Sixth to tenth sessions

Members begin to train independently. MedStrength instructors are always present on the training floor to observe that correct training procedures are being adhered to and to provide assistance as required.  This provides a safer exercising environment and helps you reach your goals more quickly..
For those members with complex medical or musculoskeletal conditions, supervised strength training will continue for as long as required.

Fifteenth session

We recommend that Members have a follow-up physiotherapy assessment. A Spinal Strength Test will be repeated if lumbar spine weakness was identified in your initial assessment. Your training goals will be analysed and any medical, muscle imbalances or musculoskeletal issues identified at your initial assessment will be re-evaluated. You will then be able to measure your own progress and begin to appreciate the many health benefits you will have gained from training at MedStrength. It also provides an opportunity to change your programme, if required, to help you achieve your goals faster or to set new goals to aim for.

Sixteenth session – ongoing

Members train independently. Instructors are available at all times to assist in adjusting weights and exercise regimes and technique to suit your needs and of course to ensure your safety.

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