Training Principles

MedStrength has established strength training principles which are a result of over the ten years working with MedX strength training equipment and through research and development advances the MedX company has undertaken.

Frequency – Intensity based strength training repeated 2-3 times per week
Rest a minimum of 48 hours and not more than 96 hours between workouts
Duration – Perform 8-12 exercises utilising the full body
– Progress from larger muscles to smaller

A warm-up is not necessary. Your body warms up during the first few exercises.
Warm-ups do not prevent injury in strength training. Incorrect exercise technique creates the potential for injury.

By training larger muscles groups first you quickly raise the pulse to an effective level for training. Having raised the pulse rate, training smaller muscle groups is sufficient to keep the pulse rate raised.

N.B. in most cases progressing from larger muscles to smaller is ideal – however it is not essential. It does depend on the objectives of training for the individual and whether training is for rehabilitation, therapy or specific health conditions.

Download the full comprehensive list of  MedStrength Training Principles

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