Therapy for spinal conditions

MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine

We are the only facility in New Zealand utilising the unique MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine.

The MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine, designed and researched at the University of Florida, is a unique assessment and rehabilitation tool. It accurately measures the strength of the extension muscles of the lumbar spine.

These back muscles have clearly been shown to weaken rapidly due to pain inhibition, just like the thigh muscles weaken rapidly with knee pain. These muscles do not gain their pre- injury strength without a specific and isolated strengthening programme.

Sore backs become weak backs and weak backs become sorer backs, a vicious cycle.

If is has been determined at your musculoskeletal assessment that you have weak lower back muscles or a condition requiring therapy you will be advised to have a course of spinal strenghtening under the care of a physiotherapist.

By following the MedX researched protocols Functional Physio has been successfully incorporating this equipment into the treatment and rehabilitation programmes for patients with back pain for over ten years. We are leaders in Australasia for incorporating this type of therapy into our back treatment programmes.

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