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Tennis Training Program: Using MedStrength to Improve your Swing and Stability

Today, tennis is a world-class competitive sport attracting millions of players and fans worldwide.  A competitive tennis player requires a mixture of speed, agility, and power combined with medium to high aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Although performance cannot be defined by one predominant physical attribute, strength and power seem to be most influential in tennis performance.

Many different injuries can occur regardless of the sport you play. There are some injuries that are so common in a particular sport that they have been branded as sport-specific; those that share the same name as the sport from which they occur most frequently. Tennis elbow is one such example. While this is just one example of a sport-specific injury, there are many others. A common thread between this injury and others of similar nature is that they can be avoided by being proactive. Participating in a targeted strength training program will keep you hitting more balls with more accuracy and with less chance of injury.

Besides the standard muscles of general movement, tennis players use muscles in the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints to control the racquet. Additionally, muscles of the core are vital in producing the rotational power necessary to generate velocity behind shots of various natures. Another area of focus should be that of the hip and ankle, in order to provide the lateral stability needed to perform countless runs from alley to alley. A comprehensive strength training programme that address the above areas will enable you to not only play your best but also will help you avoid over-use injuries common to tennis.

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