Strength Training for Swimmers

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Date: November 20, 2012

Image result for swimmingSwimming Program:  Preparing for the summer with MedStrength

As summer hits and the temperature becomes warmer, outdoor pools re-open for the season and people head to the beach. The team at MedStrength has put their heads together and come up with a program that will help you condition yourself for the swimming season.

Swimming is rigorous exercise that incorporates complex biomechanical movements. In order to swim efficiently; one must possess technical skill, coordination, muscular balance, and athletic ability. Swimming is unlike any other exercise because you have to use all of your large muscle groups simultaneously to propel yourself through the water. Due to its unique movement, the fitness training for swimming differs from most conventional land based sports.

In order to optimise the benefit of land-based training, you must select exercises with mechanical relevance to the swimming action, particularly those movements which propel the swimmer through the water, such as the arm pull and leg kick. As with any sport-specific training program, it is essential to have a strong foundation of strength prior to embarking on development of specific muscles. This can be accomplished through the general circuit training program at MedStrength. Once this has been done, then you may want to add additional training days to improve your swimming endurance. Making strength functionally similar to the swimming stroke can be challenging but with a little guidance from our MedStrength trainers, the following exercises will help you stay in the water longer and travel further.

We suggest you exchange the following swimming-specific strength circuit for your usual MedX circuit once or twice a week. Perform each exercise for one set of as many repetitions you can with proper form, then move onto the next exercise in the circuit. After all exercises in the circuit have been completed, rest for 2-3 minutes and then repeat the circuit once or twice more.

Click here to download the info sheet complete with specific programme for swimmers.