Shane – After the Olympics

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Date: October 1, 2012

The London Olympics have now ended and have come off with few hitches, although the usual doping scandals hit closer to home for Kiwis this time around with Valerie Adams being denied her moment of glory on the day.

Social networking played a more prominent role then previous tournaments, as several athletes were banned from competing for making raciest remarks on Twitter and Facebook, while other athletes were denied the ability to promote sponsors on their accounts. The times are a-changing and so do the problems that revolve around the Games.

Personally, I watched as always and was again inspired by the performances of individuals who sacrifice much to become the elite of their disciplines. I am also reminded of the thrill of competition. Two things that are missing from my life right now: self-sacrifice to achieve a fitness goal, and competition (be it from others or against myself). Time to set a goal.

Without much deliberation, I know that the most obvious challenge is to run a marathon. Well, maybe start by running a half, or a 10km, and see how it goes. It’s been years since I ran further than 5km at a time, and more than a decade now since I ran cross country in high school. Since then I have primarily strength trained while rehabbing the occasional recreational sports injury, so this training will be a complete change in focus. I’ve got to reset my routine and this will probably be the hardest part. I like my routine.

Unfortunately, I’ve missed the Auckland Marathon, which sold out pretty quickly I’m told. But I will set my sights more sensibly on a 10km warm up to a half marathon first.