Rugby Training Programme

Rugby Training Program: Using MedStrength to improve your performance

Rugby is a game intertwined with the culture of our nation. It is a high-impact sport that due to the level of intensity of play, can also lead to cuts, bruises and even more severe injury. Preparatory exercise for rugby can be hugely beneficial for the prevention of such injuries.

There are many elements when training and exercising in preparation for playing rugby. General conditioning needs to be addressed first, followed by functional conditioning, incorporating skill work, flexibility and range of motion exercises.

At MedStrength we have a great general strengthening routine that works well for increasing muscle size, muscle strength, speed and power.

It is a common misconception that bulking up decreases speed; although this is untrue, if one gains weight but it is not muscle, then of course one would expect to see a speed decrease. Small increases in muscle size lead to larger increases in muscle strength, power and as a result, speed.

Strength training for rugby should start off with an off-season of working on increasing size and strength. This should progressively taper off once the player has built muscle and they can then begin functional conditioning, which leads to smaller increases in size but increases the ability to use the strength gained.

Click here to download the info sheet complete with specific programme for Rugby preparatory training.

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