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MedStrength was developed by Functional Physio, as a result of our successful medical spinal strengthening programme. We wanted to offer not only our patients but also the general public a unique opportunity to have access to a training facility that offers health-oriented strength training for the whole body, under the guidance of physiotherapists and skilled exercise instructors. For further information about Functional Physio, please visit our website.


Everest Bites







MedStrength is pleased to have an experienced on-site nutritionist, Christine, of Everest Bites. Christine has a BSc (Human Nutrition), PGDIPDiet, BPhEd – University of Otago. She is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian. Appointments can be made directly with her. Find more information on her website.








We are proud to be associated with Healthbox. Healthbox is a leading provider of employee health and wellness programmes throughout New Zealand. To find out more about Healthbox please click here.







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