Our Recommended Exercises

Strength training or resistance training is any exercise that causes muscles to contract against an external resistance. The external force can be progressive resistance machines, free weights, exercise tubing or your own body weight.

MedStrength believes that the MedX progressive resistance machines are the best option to provide safe, scientific strengthening for the general population with and without medical conditions.

MedStrength training protocols follow many years of research from the Centre for Exercise Science, University of Florida. This research has determined that utilising MedX progressive resistance machines and performing one set of continuous exercises performed to the point of momentary muscular failure with no rest between exercises and repeated 2-3 times per week is a viable means to develop and maintain muscular strength in healthy adults.

Momentary muscular failure = the point at which the resistance can no longer be moved through the full range of movement.

One set of exercises = 8-12 repetitions working the whole body, repeated 2-3 times per week with 48-72 hours rest between sessions.

Strength gains occur as from as early as the first 2-4 weeks of training.
This is due to the development of more efficient nerve pathways along the route to the muscles. Longer term increases in muscle strength are due to the hypertrophy of muscle fibres and muscle groups.

Near maximum improvements in strength are known to occur following as few as 12 weeks of strength training. However, peak improvements in strength and hypertrophy typically require a much longer duration of training.

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