Progression to MedStrength training

The Medstrength musculoskeletal assessment will highlight any conditions that require physiotherapy treatment or spinal strengthening. Your muscle balance will be anaylsed to determine which muscles are weak and which muscles are tight.

If you require physiotherapy treatment and spinal strengthening you will progress through this and when the physiotherapist assesses that it is safe for you to procede to a general strengthening programme at MedStrength you will be prescribed an introductory exercise programme.

Strength training at MedStrength is supervised by experienced and qualified instructors. You will slowly progress from supervised training to independent training, which includes a follow-up physiotherapy appointment, education about the training protocols, machine use and set-up.

As your strength improves the instructors will adjust your training programme.

MedStrength instructors are available at all times in the facility for advice and supervision.

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