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Golf Training Program: Using MedStrength to improve your swing and stability

It’s easy to watch golf and overlook the subtleties that make the sport so physically demanding. After all, golf is one of the few sports that allows technique and control to make up for a lack of athletic power and strength. Golf is also only one of a handful of sports where senior-level players (over the age of 50) are still able to compete with younger players in their prime.

The misconception is, however, that strength, flexibility, and general condition play only a minor role in preparing golfers to get the most out of their game. The golf swing is considered an incredibly athletic manoeuvre that consists of a complex combination of flexibility, timing, and power. In order to make the most out of the golf swing, players need to address these components through a focused strength and conditioning program.

Muscle groups commonly used in golf are the muscles through your hips, the extensors, adductors and abductors, the rotary and extensor muscles of the spine and the extensor and flexor muscles of the wrists.

There are 3 main exercise machines that are particularly useful for improving your function and enhancing your golf swing: Torso Rotation, Lumbar Strength and Core 4-Way neck. These three machines isolate the often hard-to-activate core muscle groups involved in the subtleties of a perfect golf swing. Developing the ability to isolate and activate these muscles can see large gains in swing power and speed in a relatively short period of time.

Once you develop strength in the core region, turning that strength into skill and function can be trained by adding in some functional training exercises. Increasing strength increases one’s functional capacity, functional exercises increases the ability in which one can use that capacity.

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