Focus and Preparation – Dafydd

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Date: December 10, 2011

Last weekend I had the TUNZ National Club Championships for Taekwondo. It’s been a tough week because last week I had to try and get myself down to my weight division only to find out that I was put up a division as there was no one else in mine. So I fought in the heavyweight division as a middleweight. I still won my fights and the title, but this week has been very difficult for me.

As many people in my sport know, when you are preparing for a fight the week is spent thinking about your performance and amping yourself up for the weekend. The tension, which is a mixture of nervousness and excitement builds slowly as the days close in, until you reach a peak when you step into the ring to perform. At the time of the fight you aren’t thinking about the weeks of anxiety and apprehension, you are just completely focused on the objective. Immediately afterwards you are elated that the pressure is off and you can finally relax and a sense of enjoyment takes over. Then all the adrenaline that has built up over the months of preparation is dumped along with your immunity and the sleep you have is the deepest and longest you’ve had in weeks. Unfortunately, when you wake up, the symptoms of a cold set in and they get worse and worse.

The most annoying thing for me is trying to get my thoughts to flow. I’m sure everyone understands how it feels when you can’t seem to find your way out of a paper bag. A whole week of feeling unproductive after having one of the most in tune and focused weeks in a long time. I get my first weekend off from training and work in a long time however, so hopefully I can catch up on all my sleep and my brain will be active and ready to take on all the challenges that lie ahead.