Maintaining healthy bones

It is now universally accepted that strength training for health is important. In fact most major health organisations have included strength training as an important component of exercise programmes.

Where strength meets health…

A strong body retains it’s mobility, flexibility, function, prevention to injury and independence as we age.

Studies over the past two decades indicate that strength training increases strength, endurance and quality of skeletal muscle in people of all ages.

Other health benefits from MedStrength training

  • improve endurance
  • reduction in insulin resistance
  • reduced risk factors for falls, injuries and fractures in the elderly
  • prevention of loss of bone mineral density
  • normalises blood pressure in those with high normal values
  • increases resting metabolic rate

Pre-existing medical conditions can be discussed and referral to medical doctors and specialists will be recommended for anyone requiring further medical assessment.

Aging and muscle loss

Healthy bones

Muscle balance and posture

Women and strength training

Metabolic Conditions

Improved function

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