Advantages of MedX Machines

The most important component in any strength training programme is safety.

MedX variable-resistance machines are the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available. These machines operate at a very low level of friction, provide accurate and even resistance throughout the full range of movement – full flexion to full extension, or if necessary, full range of pain-free movement and specifically and safely isolate the targeted muscle group.

There are five main benefits of training with MedX machines, rather than with free weights or doing exercises using your own body weight.

  • The machine guides two dimensional movements. The machine dictates the course of movement. Incorrect movement is almost impossible, reducing injury risk.
  • Pads, supports and restraints, which form part of the machine, ensure that individual muscles are isolated.
  • Machine training does not require co-ordination skills. Training is effective from day one.
  • The gain with machine-based strength training is muscle mass, endurance and strength.
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