Welcome to MedStrength Gym, Auckland

MedStrength is a gym with an essential difference. Run by qualified physiotherapists, our gym specialises in improving your strength, flexibility, coordination and agility in order to improve your quality of life.

Strong muscles are essential to maintaining a healthy, functioning body and improve quality of life. In today’s environment our bodies are adapting to having less physical demands placed upon them, becoming increasingly weaker and less functional. A strong body enables us to maintain mobility, flexibility, function, prevent injury and helps us preserve our independence as we age.

Functional Physio has developed the MedStrength gym to provide a facility that focuses on safe, scientific strengthening under the direction of trained personnel. Under the guidance of our team, we help improve quality of life of people of all ages with and without existing medical conditions.

If you are interested in strength training for health and wellbeing, and want to feel confident you are training correctly, enquire about a free trial today.

Join the MedStrength gym today to access:

– Expert knowledge and advice from trained physiotherapists
– A friendly community of fitness enthusiasts
– World-class fitness strengthening and cardio equipment
– A proven scientific approach to strengthening and rehabilitation
– A central Auckland gym


MedStrength: Discover the Difference!




What is MedStrength?

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